Carmen Milhous-Arendt, Frida van Overbeeke,
Peter van Berkel en Onno Jongewaard

18|08|2021 - 30|08|2021


For Carmen, painting means visualized energy, emotions and spontaneity. This as a constant interplay between intuition and analysis and between dynamics and tranquility.

A work process as an emotional balancing act between perfection and nonchalance. She works with acrylic paint, sometimes supplemented with other materials. The surface consists of stretched cotton or linen.



People are beautiful models, to draw, to paint, but also to make an image of.

Going through the city or on the beach you can observe them nicely to make a picture of them later.

Sometimes slightly magnified in movement or other times in expression. But also animals do not escape attention.



Onno Jongewaard is a Dutch sculptor who combines subtle and coarse forms in his own way. Onno was educated at the Art Academy Eeklo, specializing in stone carving and visual arts and works mainly in marble and Belgian bluestone. His images are mostly organic, elegant and abstract in form. In addition to his stone carving, he has also been working with wood and plaster in recent years.



Peter van Berkel was born in 1956 in Rotterdam.
Peter is a painter in the truest sense of the word. His paintings seem to be made with an obvious ease. However, the obviousness that his canvases radiate is deceptive. Every stroke is in the right place, no detail can be left out without disturbing the harmony. Therein lies the power of the work. Apart from the developments in the visual arts in which the expression of identity and idea seem to be more important than form, Peter continued to perfect his painterly technique with unwavering enthusiasm.




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