DRAWINGS - Marty Matthys
29|09|2021 - 11|10|2021

MARTY MATTHYS is a visual artist. He obtained his master's degree in Visual Arts in Free Graphics at LUCA School of Arts in Ghent. He makes classical and detailed ink and pen drawings on paper.


Marty creates a world of hope and melancholy in his work. He is inspired by stories, images and symbolism that are passed on through generations. To this end, he uses metaphors, archetypes and myths. His drawings show what remains in the void between language and reality.


His work is also marked by his work as a therapist in crisis situations. With his drawings, Marty focuses on people in their hurt, on people who struggle with inner demons, naked people on the edge of the abyss. Where people get lost in the destruction, Marty shows us a powerful imagery when our voices threaten to stop.


Marty is also a cartoonist. He winks cynically and absurdly at what is 'just right or wrong' in our society. This can be followed under the name Marty's Cartoons.