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A Man, Stronger Than Life Itself - De Buyser Jolien

14|05|2021 - 13|06|2021

Jolien is a Belgian visual artist at heart who has become more technical over the years. Her constructed photographs depict macabre often grotesque scenes, unanswered riddles and stories that leave the beginning and the end to your imagination. Her works confront the viewer and challenge them to come with her on a journey into their own minds as she explores the deeper recesses of her own.

I feel like I am trapped in a world that is built upon rules and ideas that only exist in the corners of my subconscious life. And I very much enjoy being in that place."

"I was suspended somewhere between a familiar and perplexing world that I have seen and felt inside of myself and that same world when it goes completely awry. In other words, there are elements of these photographs that feel like the safe visions of a dream. And there are elements of the photographs that feel like the parts of a dream that turn into a nightmare."

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